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Trends for IT Solutions in 2014

7 Mar

Global Consulting Services & Software Development (GCSSD) is an IT service provider based in Irvine, California, that services businesses in the United States as well as internationally. GCSSD’s partner company, GCS Egypt, services emerging businesses in developing Middle Eastern countries.

The year 2014 is seeing large strides in the evolution of the IT industry. One of the most noticeable changes to the IT landscape this year is the science of data analysis being available to everyone. Most cloud computing services provide built-in analytics systems that are easy to read and can help individuals make better business decisions.

In addition, what is known as “big data” is transforming the way companies do business. Large companies can now accelerate the process of creating a data warehouse, thereby making data prototyping and flexibility more accessible than ever. These are just a few of the innovative ways in which the IT industry is making solutions more accessible to the common business owner, including GCS Egypt clients.


Social Media Outsourcing

11 Feb

GCS Egypt is a branch of Global Consulting Services & Software Development (GCSSD), an IT outsourcing company headquartered in the United States. Having partnered with a number of high-profile clients, the GCSSD Egypt office allows the company to extend its global operations to meet a variety of global IT needs throughout a number of industries.

Outsourcing provides a variety of benefits for companies both large and small; and although many aspects of business are being outsourced, some believe that its scope can be widened to include social media.

In many ways, small businesses feel the need to handle small tasks on their own, while perhaps not realizing how time consuming they can be. Whether social media acts as an avenue to bring a few more customers to the table or is a large part of daily operations, small companies often do not have the resources to handle these additional functions in-house. For this reason, companies must analyze just how much of their sales are dedicated to social media, and consider outsourcing as a way to not only help maintain their level of activity, but perhaps use a stronger web presence to create a new stream of revenue.