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Outsourcing to Bring Billions to Africa

25 Apr

GCSSD Egypt, or GCS Egypt, is a division of Global Consulting Services and Software Development (GCSSD). With a focus on outsourcing various IT services, GCS Egypt creates jobs both in Egypt and the United States and provides guidance to companies looking to transfer portions of their operations to foreign employment markets.

At the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia, Egypt provides diverse trade opportunities and serves as the ideal regional outsourcing location for many multinational companies. In fact, according to numerous business publications, Egypt is the number one destination for outsourcing worldwide. The outsourcing of business processes represents just one avenue through which experts have suggested the Internet might be able to make Africa a competitor in the worldwide economy.

According to research by McKinsey & Company, the Internet could bring as much as $300 billion to the continent. Currently, the Internet accounts for about 1.1 percent of the GDP of Africa, whereas in other emerging economies the Internet contributes around twice that amount. However, experts believe that this figure could increase more than tenfold over the next few years. Most of the GDP contribution is derived from user consumption of web-based services and Internet-related equipment, while the rest tends to come from public expenditure, private investment, and outsourcing, especially in Egypt.


The GCS Business Intelligence Reporting Tool, or BIRT

5 Nov

Software and service firm Global Consulting Services and Software Development (GCSSD, or alternatively GCS) of Cairo, Egypt, provides numerous professional solutions, such as information technology consulting and outsourcing and business intelligence services to companies in the financial and automotive industries, as well as to media firms and educational institutions. GCSSD Egypt offers such solutions as iTrade, iContent, DMAX, and BIRT.

GCS solution BIRT, or Business Intelligence Reporting Tool, is an analytical software based in the web that serves as a control panel for client businesses. Allowing users to evaluate and report on important aspects of their companies’ performance, the software tool performs all the work of data gathering and collation necessary for such analysis. BIRT’s dashboard interface is user-friendly, featuring familiar drag and drop methods for the compilation of reports. As it is a web-based application, it requires no inconvenient installation, and it can be customized for security purposes to allow some users only certain functions, protecting data by limiting who can archive and purge it. Business intelligence is a necessary component of successful management, and BIRT serves as a useful solution to many of the daunting problems that proper business intelligence poses.

Essential Characteristics in an Automotive Supply Chain Model

6 Sep

Global Consulting Services and Software Development, known to clients as GCS or GCSSD, with headquarters in the United States and an office in Cairo, Egypt, focuses on assisting major automotive firms such as Nissan North America, Toyota, Hyundai, and VW in designing software applications and utilizing their data and supply-chain systems. From their office in Egypt, the GCS engineers know that to create an optimal supply chain, their models should include several characteristics.

A solid supply chain for automotive purposes should first be instrumented. This means each area of the supply chain should incorporate some form of sensor or feedback device so that the entire system can be monitored and feedback gathered to identify problem spots or to locate areas where efficiency can be improved.

Second, an interconnected supply chain will allow executives to view cause and effect. When taken as one complete process, instead of fragmented segments, a bigger picture is drawn that tells a fuller story.

Finally, using advanced metrics and mathematical analysis allows for an intelligent supply chain that delivers sophisticated data reports to allow executives to make the best and most informed decisions.