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Outsourcing to Bring Billions to Africa

25 Apr

GCSSD Egypt, or GCS Egypt, is a division of Global Consulting Services and Software Development (GCSSD). With a focus on outsourcing various IT services, GCS Egypt creates jobs both in Egypt and the United States and provides guidance to companies looking to transfer portions of their operations to foreign employment markets.

At the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia, Egypt provides diverse trade opportunities and serves as the ideal regional outsourcing location for many multinational companies. In fact, according to numerous business publications, Egypt is the number one destination for outsourcing worldwide. The outsourcing of business processes represents just one avenue through which experts have suggested the Internet might be able to make Africa a competitor in the worldwide economy.

According to research by McKinsey & Company, the Internet could bring as much as $300 billion to the continent. Currently, the Internet accounts for about 1.1 percent of the GDP of Africa, whereas in other emerging economies the Internet contributes around twice that amount. However, experts believe that this figure could increase more than tenfold over the next few years. Most of the GDP contribution is derived from user consumption of web-based services and Internet-related equipment, while the rest tends to come from public expenditure, private investment, and outsourcing, especially in Egypt.


What Is OEM Software?

11 Dec

With headquarters in the United States and a branch in Cairo, Egypt, GCS (also know as GCSSD) is a software firm that develops and integrates enterprise applications and provides business intelligence solutions. With a focus on OEM projects, GCS works to integrate business and technology requirements into a cohesive whole for companies in Egypt and elsewhere around the world.

OEM is a term that refers to software bought in bulk and then bundled with computer hardware before going to market. OEM software is found on a variety of consumer devices, such as digital cameras, tablet computers, scanners, and printers.

Often, OEM software is a limited version of the application that allows consumers to use a product out of the box, a convenience that typically comes with an additional fee. With some products, such as computers, the OEM software is fully functional but has attached a license restriction, which is known as an end-user license agreement.

GCS Egypt’s Bundled DealerMax Solution

27 Nov

Global Consulting Services and Software Development (GCS or GCSSD) is based in California and Egypt and offers a full array of client-driven outsourcing and systems integration solutions. One of GCS Egypt’s distinct offerings is DealerMax (DMAX), which is a management information system. This bundled product is designed to meet the multifaceted needs of automotive dealerships and manufacturers of large equipment.

The DMAX software suite’s advanced capacities include enhanced logistics, financial, and vehicle service functions. Mobile services are supported in ways that enable dealers to effectively access customer networks. Vehicle sales and inventory levels can be tracked in real time, while maintenance and repair orders can be accurately scheduled. In addition, the bundled software facilitates financial records management and the efficient tracking of parts orders. DMAX users can easily create custom reports in a number of languages (including Arabic) and export them into diverse file formats. DMAX generates consistent bottom-line results by helping streamline diverse business operations and enabling companywide efficiencies.