About GCS Egypt

Global Consulting Services and Software Development (GCSSD) is an Irvine, California-headquartered software and business process solutions provider with a global client base encompassing China, Japan, and the Middle East. Following a well-defined outsourcing model, the firm has recently opened a Cairo office and is investigating the possibility of additional locations in the Persian Gulf region.

GCSSD’s consultative services encompass a full range of business processes and systems, with strong working experience in the automotive and financial industries. Areas of expertise include technologically diverse supply chain portal, pricing application, and dealer management systems.

In undertaking specific projects, dedicated business analysts and project managers engage closely with clients and a full range of corporate stakeholders. Taking time to understand existing processes and systems, as well as clients’ strategic plans and goals, GCSSD consultants gather all data necessary to analyze project requirements. Through this fully collaborative process, tailored solutions are developed that meet current and future needs.

GCSSD’s end product is a comprehensive package of best-practice business processes and technical systems, designed comfortably within client constraints and with future trends in mind. Global Consulting Services and Software Development additionally provides focused software development, maintenance, and support outsourcing services that encompass multi-platform architectures such as Microsoft .Net, Legacy, PHP, and J2EE.

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