The GCS Business Intelligence Reporting Tool, or BIRT

5 Nov

Software and service firm Global Consulting Services and Software Development (GCSSD, or alternatively GCS) of Cairo, Egypt, provides numerous professional solutions, such as information technology consulting and outsourcing and business intelligence services to companies in the financial and automotive industries, as well as to media firms and educational institutions. GCSSD Egypt offers such solutions as iTrade, iContent, DMAX, and BIRT.

GCS solution BIRT, or Business Intelligence Reporting Tool, is an analytical software based in the web that serves as a control panel for client businesses. Allowing users to evaluate and report on important aspects of their companies’ performance, the software tool performs all the work of data gathering and collation necessary for such analysis. BIRT’s dashboard interface is user-friendly, featuring familiar drag and drop methods for the compilation of reports. As it is a web-based application, it requires no inconvenient installation, and it can be customized for security purposes to allow some users only certain functions, protecting data by limiting who can archive and purge it. Business intelligence is a necessary component of successful management, and BIRT serves as a useful solution to many of the daunting problems that proper business intelligence poses.


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